Flap Boy Slim - Frequently asked questions

Does the Flap Boy Slim hold coins?

No, the Flap Boy Slim is designed for people who don’t want to carry coins. As a result the wallet is super slim and accomendates more cards. If you are searching for a wallet that can carry coins our Flap Boy is the right choice for you. It’s basically identically to the Flap Boy Slim besides the fact that is comes with a big coin compartment on one side.

What is the difference between the Flap Boy and the Flap Boy Slim?

The Flap Boy has a large coin compartment. Therefore it is thicker than the Flap Boy Slim and has 3 credit card slots less. The Flap Boy Slim has no coin compartment. Otherwise both models are identical.

How many and which notes fit into the Flap Boy Slim?

All notes fit in the Flap Boy Slim. So from the 5 Euro note to the 200 Euro note. Also foreign currencies like dollar and pound are no problem. 20 notes easily fit into the wallet.

How many cards fit into the Flap Boy Slim?

The Flap Boy Slim has 8 card slots and offers space for at least 8 cards, if used with 2 cards in each card slot, space for a maximum of 16 cards.

What color is the engraving?

During engraving, a special laser is used to remove the top layer of leather. No color is used. Depending on the type of leather, the engraving has a different effect. Both in terms of color and intensity. Very dominant and clear is the engraving on smooth leather and buffalo leather. The engraving is more discreet on coated leathers such as carbon and leathers with structure such as perforated leather.

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes. Simply select (Pay later with) "Klarna" as payment method.

How long is the delivery time?

We dispatch our orders within 1 or 2 working days (Mo. - Fr.) per Deutscher Post or DHL. In case you ordered a wallet with engraving please be aware that we need 2 to 4 working days (Mo. - Fr.) to dispatch the wallet. On top of that comes the shipping of Deutsche Post or DHL. Please click here to see the shipping time for your country.

What are the delivery costs?

The delivery is free of charge within the EU. The shipping costs to other destinations will be calculated during check-out. Any customs duties incurred in countries outside the EU are to be paid by the customer.