Jaimie Jacobs

Innovative wallets and accessories made of high-quality leather

When it comes to our most important possessions, we want to keep them safe and organised: The wallet is therefore one of the most important items, especially when on the go. Security is a big consideration, but so are practicality and aesthetics. At Jaimie Jacobs, we combine these attributes and therefore produce a range of smart wallets and accessories made of high-quality leather and with innovative designs - for example, our Flap Boy wallets with and without a coin pocket or our Nano wallets for minimal space requirements. We have a smart solution for every need. And because we know that everyone has a different style, we offer a range of colours and designs to choose from.

Men's wallet, card case and more

Whether you're looking for a new wallet to keep your cards safe or a stylish and functional bag for your next adventure, you've come to the right place. Browse our collection of elegant leather products and find the perfect bag for you, or discover our innovative and thoughtfully designed wallets that combine elegance, aesthetics and quality with practicality and a high level of security. Do you have a question about our products, for example how our Flap Boy works? Or how we ensure sustainability and quality throughout our entire manufacturing process? What new products are coming soon? We prefer personal contact with our partners and customers - so just write or call us!

Quality in materials and craftsmanship

Based in Munich, our small team of designers is always working on new problems in the field of transportable storage possibilities - bags, backpacks and of course wallets. We manufacture our men's purses and all the other products together with European fine purse makers with whom we have built up very solid business relationships and thus trust over the years. We also trust our suppliers and select only the best skins for our products in direct cooperation. The combination of creativity and ingenuity, high-quality materials and craftsmanship gives birth to our noble wallets for men.